Month: July 2012

My Photography – The Peaks

Back in 1994 I started my A-Level in Photography. I loved that course, although it was old school. Light boxes, processing film, enlargers and created prints. It was brilliant.Back then was the 1st time I ever saw a digital camera, I didn’t even really understand what it was but I did get a chance to use an early version of Photoshop.

Last month I decided to get back into it, so I purchased a new Canon 550D and I must say it is awesome.

I went on holiday in the UK last week so I took at with me and got snapping. I thought I would share some of my favourite photos on my blog. Hopefully, you will enjoy them.

Pinterest – Give it a go!

I am well and truly addicted to Pinterest now. I am going to use it as another resource for students and teachers in September.

Its also another good way of me keeping track of useful websites, videos and other resources. With Evernote and Pinterest there is no excuse for me to lose anything.

If your interested in having a look, you can find me here:

So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

The above text is taken from the Pinterest website.

If you haven’t used it before give it a go.

No WiFi or 3G? Will I cope?

In about 45 minutes I will be off to the Peak District with my fiancé. Yesterday I got a text from the in-laws…there is no WiFi or 3G!

Now, I know what your thinking. Stop moaning about it and get on with it. Its not a big deal. This is, of course, true, However, I am expecting some fairly important emails this week so I do worry.

It got me thinking, do I rely on the internet that much? I do, it turns out.

Lets see how I get on. If I am honest, I am almost looking forward to being offline for 5 days. Over the week I will go looking for WiFi so I can check my email and Facebook and send some tweets, but not as a matter of urgency.

All in all though, I am going to relax and enjoy disconnecting from the internet for a while. Although, I plan to write 5 schemes of work over the week so perhaps it won’t be that relaxing.

Teachers and students – How will you keep fit over the summer? (Workout/Video Included)

So folks, its almost the summer holidays. Can’t wait? Neither can I.

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to keep fit. David Palmer has been kind enough to put a weekly workout together for you all.

We have also created a video to guide you through the workout.

It would be amazing if you could pass this on to your students too. They will have 6 weeks off and no doubt they will get bored. Lets kill that boredom and make sure our young people are keeping fit over the holidays.

Direct link to the workout document

About David Palmer:

David joined the Army in 1997, he spent the first 5 years as a tank soldier in the 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards, spending time in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq . David then competed for Great Britain as a Bobsleigh pilot for 6 years, living and training in Bath University. During this time he trained as a Army Physical Training Instructor, he then spent the rest of career serving as a PTI, operating for some time in Afghanistan. Having reached the rank as a Staff Sergeant, David decided to move into education. He has a unique and inspirational style of teaching and has made a huge positive impact on students lives.

Twitter: @DavidPalmer39

iPad Trial 2012-2013 – A few initial notes


A few notes I have put together with some thoughts of how I will implement the iPad trial in September.

We are looking at buying a class of iPads initially and then taking it from there.

Leading up to September:

  • Buy iPads from reseller
    • Check they will help with the set up. Decent ones will
    • Do we get protective covers?
    • What charging solution?
    • Which reseller?
  • Get a Mac set up for iTunes
  • Think about the Apps we would like to buy
  • Buy an adapter so we can mirror iPad on the board
    • Can we do this for the inset?
    • Is the projector wireless
    • Buy an Apple TV? Could be a winner? Check it works on the wireless. Again…reseller could help with this.
    • Would be great for Skype or FaceTime
      • Could use an adapter instead…but it is not wireless.
  • Plan the inset – could be done after the initial 1st day.
  • Produce training resources for staff
  • Set up DropBox account
    • 1 per students?
    • Per class?
    • 1 for the school
  • Email Address?
    • Email for each iPad?
    • Will not be workable in the trail for students having to put in their own school address all the time
  • Do the apps we want to use work on the network?
    • Edmodo
    • Socrative
    • Evernote
  • Create some digital resources
    • iBooks?
    • PDF?
    • Convert some department resources and make available on iPad/DropBox


  • Show departments some example projects
  • Departments can then bid for the class set
    • Come up with their own ideas
  • Department should have some trial iPads to play with.
    • 1 per department?
  • Each department will have a champion
    • They will be trained.
    • They will train the other members if their departments
    • Ideally they will volunteer.
  • All “champions” will attend meetings
    • Successes
    • Problems
    • Ideas
  • Every class member will be allocated a iPad
    • They must have the same one for the length of the trial
    • Sign out sheet
      • They will need to tic the iPads out
  • Evaluation process for each project
  • Final evaluation for whole trial

Things to consider

  • Make projects creatives, engaging and relevant.
  • We need to use them for the more “boring” projects too
  • How will we manage the classroom?
  • How long will the trail go on for?
    • Till Easter? This will give us time to properly evaluate?
  • What do we want the outcomes to be?
  • If the trial is a success do we buy more?
    • 1:1?
  • If it does not work, what will we do to make sure it does
  • Parents open evening
    • Show what we have been doing
    • Get them involved and engaged.
    • Keep them in the loop
  • Share training videos on iTunes U?
  • If we create some lesson videos, ebooks, audio podcast we can share them too.