Month: September 2013

Edmodo: How students submit work (Video)

I have made this video tutorial for 6th form students to show them how they can submit their PDP project electronically using Edmodo. It may be of use to anyone thinking about using Edmodo in their school.

In the past this project has been carried out on paper, but this year we decided to make it completely digital.

Once I have created the training video for how teachers will annotate and grade this work, I will post it.



Quick Look at Leap Motion (Motion Controller): Pt 1

I got hold of Leap Motion today and I was keen to try it out. The possibility of augmenting what is happening on the computer screen by the motion of my hands it exciting.

At lunchtime today, I set it up with some students and we gave it a go. They really liked it and I was quite impressed. All was going well until I tried to load the Leap Motion console and app store which meant connecting over the internet. The big problem was…

It does not work over a proxy. This meant of course, I can not use it at school at the moment.

According to the forums I have read, they are addressing this problem.

I have taken it home now and in the next video I will demonstrate using some of the apps that you can use.