Computing Curriculum 2014-2015 (Open Source)

(UPDATE: 11th July 2014)

Over the last couple of months I have been working on updating my Computing curriculum ready for release this month. This is the 3rd version and I have tried to do something slightly different with it.

Several months ago Tristan Kirkpatrick, a newly qualified Computing teacher (@Tristan_ICTCS) got in touch with me and asked if I was interested in making the curriculum open source. I jumped at the chance. Tristan began building a new website to enable the curriculum to be shared. All his hard work has resulted in something really exciting.

So…how does it work?

  1. Head to
  2. Download the Computing curriculum / template (Google Template)
  3. Use it in anyway you like
  4. If you make any changes (remixes), send it back to us by sharing the document with Your version of the curriculum will then be available for others to download
  5. Best of all is that it is free for everyone!

Head over to now!

A PDF version of the curriculum is available from the link below:

Mr Britland’s Open Source Computing Curriculum  


(Update July 2013)

I have been working very hard over the last few months producing my new Computing curriculum and it is finally ready.

Details below:

Feel free to download and use this curriculum. If you use this booklet, its projects or ideas and would like to make a donation for its continuing development, please use the link provided. I would like to keep giving this document away for free so any donation would be amazing. Please click to be redirected to my donation page.

Thanks for your support.


This is now version 2 – DOWNLOAD HERE


I have added / amended the following:

  • Amended strand descriptors.
  • Added a new ‘How to use this Booklet’ section
  • New section on what software and websites are used, including free alternatives to paid software
  • Amended ‘Visual Programming: Kodu’ (Year 7)
  • ‘Computer Hardware/History’ project now called ‘How a computer works/computing history’ and now includes software. It is now taught in Year 7
  • Added ‘The Web: HTML5 and CSS3’ (Year 8)
  • Added ‘Networks’ (Year 8)
  • Added ‘Google and Algorithms’ (Year 9)

End products have changed for the following projects:

  • Stay Safe Online – Online guide using Snapguide
  • Visual Programming: Kodu – Screencast using Screenr
  • Your Digital World – Online presentation using

In Development

  • New creative projects
  • How to use an iPad to teach this curriculum

If you would like some help with creating your own resources or would like me to produce any educational publications, please visit



  1. Many thanks for sharing – your new ICT 2012 Curriculum – some great ideas there… I pref the video from CEOP “Claire Thought She Knew video” but there’s plenty to choose from. We put together some short ideas using iMovie with advice for Year 6 students for online safety.
    Is Kodu Game Lab also available for imacs? we can flip to use Windows on our PowerMacs if we need to – but tend to use the apple side…
    Again – thanks for sharing…

      1. Yes – we are using Scratch
        We do have Power iMacs – so can flip to Windows whenever it suits us…
        I only have a new iMac at home – hence the delay in my looking a bit more closely at Kodu
        I should have looked back here sooner – as I missed this reply

        I’m only just up at the top of the road from you… Would you be able to give me a lightening visit of the Department one of these days? LOL

        Are you going to Bett2013?

        Have ticked the right box at the bottom of the page now – 😛 re comments

  2. Thank you very much, Matt. Please be ensured that your work is appreciated. Keep up the good work. Stanley Le Fleur, Computer Applications Technology teacher, Pretoria, South Africa, Africa

  3. Dear Matt
    I am looking for an ICT curriculum that would suit younger kids. I was wondering if you could help me with this.

  4. Hi Matt thanks for sharing this. Me and my colleague have created the interactive kiosk with year 9 and kids found it really interesting and engaging. My colleague had an ofsted visitor while she was teaching it, she got ‘outstanding’ he loved the topic too!
    We used mediator to teach it. i will be definitely be teaching that again!!! Looking through your new ICT curriculum I am going to teach the App project to our new year 7’s in September, will let you know how it goes. Your work is really interesting, creative and very innovative. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hi Ya! Thanks for your comment and your kinds words. Much appreciated.

      Cracking news about the ‘outstanding’ for your colleagues lesson. She must be a quality teacher.

      I have loved teaching the App project. The kids love it too, plus AppShed is a great service.

      Keep in touch.

  5. Hi Matt. I used your creative ideas with my year 9’s to teach them fireworks and they made an ablum cover. They then used the tools and functions they had learnt to make a spot the difference. It was a fantasic idea thankyou.

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