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Who are we?

Matt Britland  –  Director of IT and Digital Strategy at Alleyn’s School

Recent Work:

Client: Browser Media

Company: Classoos

Company: Western Computer

Client: Classoos

(Interview) Just How Do Schools Go About Implementing A Digital Textbook Strategy? April 2018

Client: Classoos

(Roundtable Discussion) Achieving 1.1 Success Is Not As Hard As You Think! Digital Devices For Schools

Client: Winter’s School Finder

(Writing) Education technology: what’s new?: September 2016

Client: Your Ready Business

(Writing) Are Ready to Teach The Digital Generation? A Blend of Tech And Traditional Is Best

Client: Barclays Life Skills

(Writing)  Why you should get your students switched on to coding: March 2016

Client: BETT 2016

Judge for BETT Futures 2016

Client: Education Executive Magazine

(Writing) Viva la revolucion: June 2015

Client: Education Executive Magazine

(Writing) Low Cost Learning for 2015: January 2015

Client: Bett 2015

(Speaking Engagement) Speaking about social media on Wednesday and Friday of Bett 2015.

Client: Bett 2015

Bett Stories

Client: BETT 2015

Judge for BETT Futures 2015

Client: Barclays / Hopscotch Consulting

(Writing / Lessons and Workshop Resources) Barclays Life Skills: Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans, Workshops and Resources

Client: Education Executive Magazine

(Writing) Google: More Than Just a Search Engine: October 2014

Client: Research in Practice

(Speaking Engagement) Professionalising The Use Of Social Media

Client: Bett 2015

(Promotion) Promotional material for Bett 2015


Client: Innovate My School

(Webinar) How your school can maximise its online potential: July 2014

Client: Matt Britland & Tristan Kirkpatrick

www.ictcomputing.org – Open Source KS3 Computing Curriculum: July 2014

Client: Education Executive: EdExec Live 2014

(Speaking engagement) – Getting Savvy with Social Media: June 2014

Client: Osiris Educational 

Secondary iPad Training Course –  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: March 2014

Client: St Pauls School (London)

(Parent Presentation) Young People and Technology – February 2014

Client: The Guardian

The future of online learning: challenges, opportunities and creativity: Round Table Discussion  – January 2014

Client: BETT 2014

“Fall in ‘like’ with tweeting: How social media can revolutionise the way you plan lessons and teach” – 24th January 2014

Client: St Pauls School (London)

(Staff Inset) Young People and Technology – January 2014

Client: Zurich

Zurich’s Future, History, Now – Speaking engagement – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: 28th November 2013

Client: Government Knowledge

How to Deliver and Effective Computing Curriculum – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: 12th November

Effective use of Tablets in the Classroom: 12th November

Developing an Effective E-Safety Policy: 12th November

Client: Optimus Education

Design and Deliver an Outstanding Secondary Computing Curriculum – CLICK HERE FOR THE FLYER: 15th October 2013

Client: The Guardian

(Writing) Do Teachers Need to be Qualified?

Client: The Guardian

(Interview) 10 Minutes with a Head of ICT

Client: PropellerTV

Television interview by Matt Britland about educational technology – Broadcast 5th August 2013.

Client: Optimus Education

Webinar: ‘5 Top Tips to Safely and Effectively Utilise Social Media as a Tool to Support Learning

Client: TheSunday Times Festival of Education 2013

Panelists discuss the best ways to engage students through technology in the classroom.

Client: The Guardian

(Writing) What is the Future of Technology in Education?

Client: Westminster Briefing

Speaking Engagement – Computer Science in the Curriculum: Delivering Innovative Provision in Schools & Colleges (London) – Download my presentation (5th March 2013)

Client: Science Learning Centre, Institute of Education, University of London

4 Day CPD for the New Computing Curriculum

Client: Millfield School

ICT, Computing and iPad consultancy

“Thank you for an excellent, well focused inset on the integration of iPADs into ICT teaching in particular and the curriculum more generally.  The presentation and demonstrations inspired confidence in the classroom use of iPADs and helped reassure staff as we go 1:1 in September.  It was good to get an insight into cutting edge use of Apps and to swap ideas with a consultant who has current day to day experience as a Head of Department.”

Nick Williams, Head of Business, Computing and ICT: Millfield School


Writers and teacher advisors for the Guardian Teacher Network.

Matt Britland

Mike Britland

Top 10 Blogs of the Year – Guardian Teacher Network

Huffington Post

Mike Britland


Club Penguins Guide to the Wonderful World of the Web

E-Safety Advisor Newsletter

Introduction to Social Media in Education

E-Learning Update

Touchscreen Tablets – How are these being used in Primary and Secondary Schools


16 years of curriculum development over KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Recent KS3 ICT/Computing Curriculum

Mr Britland’s Open Source Computing Curriculum – Matt Britland

Mr Britland’s Computing Curriculum – Matt Britland

Mr Britland’s ICT Curriculum: Projects for student in Year 7-9 V1.1 – Matt Britland

Blogging Scheme of Work

Blogging – Mike Britland


Implementing the use of iPads into school

iPad in Education Trial 2012-2013: Report, Evaluation and Data

Launch to HoDs

Launch to All Staff


CEOP Ambassador

Introduction to Social Media in Education

Experienced in delivering E-Safety to parents

Teaching Students about Facebook privacy settings

Social Media

Using Facebook Groups in School: A Brief Report/Evaluation

Experienced in using social media in education.

Training Resources:

Appshed Tutorial – Quiz: Programming

AppShed Tutorial – App Creation

Office Training

Photoshop Tutorials

Kodu Tutorials

iPad Tutorials


Mike Britland interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on Saturday Breakfast: Why is the government always at odds with the teaching profession –  Saturday 18th May

Mike Britland interviewed on Day Break (ITV) on how to deal with under performing teachers.

Matt Britland interviewed by Game to Learn

The Times – School Gate Blog

School Gate Interview

School Gate Interview


Facilitator at Teaching Computer Science at School (Guardian Seminar) – June 2012

(Realise Learning Ltd)



  1. I am having problems uploading images into my images on Appshed. They are a PNG file type and are less than 50kb in size. I am also using the Icon Achieve website but keep getting error messages. please help

      1. I took out an account with them yesterday, and registered our school as an academy. I used their support page this morning, but as yet no reply.
        At the moment I am following your series of videos and am just using the already uploaded images, which is a shame.

        Trevor Dodd
        Head of ICT
        Herschel grammar School
        Slough Berks

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