iPad in Education Trial 2012-2013: Report, Evaluation and Data

Back in September we began an iPad trial. I have finally written my report.

If you would like me to come into your school to talk about iPads, offer training or give you some advice drop me an email at matt@realiselearning.com or check out the Realise Learning page.

The report includes the following sections:

  • Aims
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Projects
  • Analysis of teacher and student evaluations
  • Conclusions
  • Some of my possible recommendations for the future
  • Integrating iPads into teaching and learning

You can download the whole report from the link below:

iPAD REPORT 2012-2013

You can read more about the trial below:

iPad Trial: Launching to Heads of Departments (Presentation)

iPad Launch to all staff – Inset: How it Worked(Resources Included)

How to Evaluate iPad use in Education

Lots of iPad video tutorials



    1. Hi David, thanks for this. Very, very useful. My aim for the future is to get Google Apps for edu. I love Google Apps and to have it across the school would be awesome. I did speak on this a few months ago but we will what the school decides to do.

      Thanks for the link and have a great half term. 🙂

      1. Cheers Matt
        Hope to make it down the hill to KGS to meet up some time and have a look at what you are up to first hand 😛

        The ISA schools which Canbury belongs to has been trialing Chrome books, and James Wilding at Claires Court looking at anything for around £100 as access to internet. ISANet:

        The ISANet also runs a series of Google Certified Individual Training Courses… unique I think anywhere in the country..

        Around the world more than 17 Million teachers & students use Google Apps for Education because it is easy to use & saves you money. C-Learning working with Google & the Independent Schools Association have developed & delivered training to more than 260 teachers to help them both learn more about what this means for their school, & if they wish become a Google Certified Individual.

        The Learn & Practice course is for individuals just starting their use of Google Apps.

        The Learn & Extend course & webinars is for teachers experienced in a number of Google Apps & who want to learn more & strengthen their knowledge of how to apply Google Apps

        The Learn & Exam course & webinars is for teachers experienced in a number of Google Apps & who want to sit the online exams and become a Google Certified Individual. The delegates who attend “Learn & Exam” course will receive a personal exam code worth £60 ($90) to enable them to sit their 6 on-line exams for free.

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