(Updated) App Creation – Programming with Appshed: Quiz Builder (Tutorial Videos)

At school I am running an app design project for my year 7 students. Unlike many lessons they have experienced in their previous school life, there is very little teaching from the teacher, I am mostly there as a facilitator. I am of course there to help when necessary but my aim is to get students learning more independently. They must teach themselves using videos I have produced for them.

You can watch the videos below:



  1. Hi Matt

    Was looking at this a while back and it looks very impressive – as does the price!

    I have a few questions if I may
    Do you make much use of the management and tracking tools that they mention in the education features? Can students eventually play/use the apps on their mobile devices or is it all simulated on the screen?
    We have mixed platform at our place, PCs and iPads – have you done any work with appshed on the ipad, is it successful?

    Hoping you can help

    Great videos and very kind of you to make them free to the community.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do use the management and tracking tools which are pretty good, although need work to make it easier to sort students. At the moment they are essentially a lot list of students and I am not sure you can filter by year group or class etc.

      Students can put the apps on their smartphones or tablets. The apps they produce are webapps so they can scan a QR code provided by Appshed which opens up their app in a browser. They then add a shortcut to their screen like an app. There are also export options too so that apps can be uploaded to the AppStore or Google Play.

      App creation works well with an iPad using Safari. In fact I often use my iPad instead of my Mac or PC.

      It’s def worth a look and it is working very well with my year 7 students. I would recommend getting a free account and taking it from there.

      Anymore questions, give me a shout.


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