No WiFi or 3G? Will I cope?

In about 45 minutes I will be off to the Peak District with my fiancé. Yesterday I got a text from the in-laws…there is no WiFi or 3G!

Now, I know what your thinking. Stop moaning about it and get on with it. Its not a big deal. This is, of course, true, However, I am expecting some fairly important emails this week so I do worry.

It got me thinking, do I rely on the internet that much? I do, it turns out.

Lets see how I get on. If I am honest, I am almost looking forward to being offline for 5 days. Over the week I will go looking for WiFi so I can check my email and Facebook and send some tweets, but not as a matter of urgency.

All in all though, I am going to relax and enjoy disconnecting from the internet for a while. Although, I plan to write 5 schemes of work over the week so perhaps it won’t be that relaxing.


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