Using Wristbands to Reward Achievement – (Resources included)

I was speaking to David Palmer, Head of PE at my school the other day. We were having a bit of a chat and I noticed something on his wrist.

It was a black, rubber writsband. On it was the school initials and the name of his PE club, Cross-Fit. I was curious so I had to ask him why he was wearing it.

David had come up with an idea of giving out different coloured wrist bands depending on what the students have achieved in his club. What a great idea. After all, we give out badges or ties. The great things about wristbands is that students love wearing them. They are actually a fashionable item to wear.

Some people will say that wristbands are not allowed in their school. The same could be said about students wearing their own badges or ties. They can’t wear their own, but if they have been given them by school, its fine. The beautiful thing about wristbands is that students wear them outside of school. Yes, you heard me correctly. They wear them with pride as something they have earned, achieved and worked hard for. There is no point having badges, certificates or commendation if the students do not value them. Lets differentiate what we offer our young people. If wristbands work, use them. If badges work, use them.

For Cross-Fit there are three wristbands to collect.

  • Red
  • Grey
  • Black

The document below will show you what they need to do in order to earn them.

About David Palmer:

David joined the Army in 1997, he spent the first 5 years as a tank soldier in the 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards, spending time in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq . David then competed for Great Britain as a Bobsleigh pilot for 6 years, living and training in Bath University. During this time he trained as a Army Physical Training Instructor, he then spent the rest of career serving as a PTI, operating for some time in Afghanistan. Having reached the rank as a Staff Sergeant, David decided to move into education. He has a unique and inspirational style of teaching and has made a huge positive impact on students lives.

Twitter: @DavidPalmer39



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