Film yourself in the classroom (Video)

I decided to do something today that I have not done since my training year. That was, filming myself in the classroom.

To give you a little background, I am away at the Guardian Computer Science Seminar and I wanted to set some cover my 1st year class. Instead of simply writing down a set of instructions I thought I would film the beginning of another 1st year lesson. I could then make this available to my class in my absence.

The students had already finished most of the Kodu programming and I wanted them to produce some documentation. The main learning objections had already met in previous lessons.

This is not the most exciting lesson you will see. I try to make the start of lessons more interactive, but because it was going to be used for another class (cover lesson) I had to try and make it a little more linear.

During this video, I do cover a few PowerPoint fundamentals. I wanted to cover all the bases to make sure my cover lesson went smoothly. This is also why it pans out like a seminar.

I was also very aware that I had a camera on me. It made me stutter a little, and act slightly differently. Very strange that a camera would make me respond like that as I am not a shy man.

So what did I think? Well, I noticed for starters that I do like repeating myself. I also have a habit of using the same words over and over again. In order to better evaluate my teaching I need to film myself when I do not intend to use it in another lesson. It would be more natural.

Any thoughts let me know.



  1. Hi Matt,

    I’m really pleased to hear that you have filmed your own lesson, and more importantly quite enjoyed the process! I would be really interested to hear if you continue with it and what it highlights for you.

    Everyday we come across teachers who absolutely love it, are very cautious of it and down right scared of it. Almost always we find that the people who try it out find that it’s not that scary and is really quite positive. We recently heard from a teacher who realised that they were pretty good at teaching and has inspired them to go on and aim higher. A real confidence boost!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey Matt thanks for sharing your video I enjoyed watching you explaining the importance of the screenshots, a suggestion to improve would be to show them in a little more detail which screenshots to take along with the code next to them as this will help them to describe what they have done. You mentioned at the beginning of the lesson about a checklist but did not share it with the class. overall you seem an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable too!!

    Hope this helps!! we followed a training programme in our school which involved our lessons being filmed at first I didn’t like the idea but I can honestly say if you get the chance do it!! The filming highlighted areas for me to improve on & one of those was describing the task in more detail making sure everyone new what they had to do. Thanks again for sharing your video as I have learnt something from it . keep posting them!!

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