Mr Britland’s Open Source KS3 Computing Curriculum V3: 2014-2015 – (Free PDF)

I have been working very hard over the last few months producing my new Computing curriculum and it is finally ready.

Details below:

Feel free to download and use this curriculum. If you use this booklet, its projects or ideas and would like to make a donation for its continuing development, please use the link provided. I would like to keep giving this document away for free so any donation would be amazing. Please click to be redirected to my donation page.

Thanks for your support.


This is now version 2 – DOWNLOAD HERE


I have added / amended the following:

  • Amended strand descriptors.
  • Added a new ‘How to use this Booklet’ section
  • New section on what software and websites are used, including free alternatives to paid software
  • Amended ‘Visual Programming: Kodu’ (Year 7)
  • ‘Computer Hardware/History’ project now called ‘How a computer works/computing history’ and now includes software. It is now taught in Year 7
  • Added ‘The Web: HTML5 and CSS3’ (Year 8)
  • Added ‘Networks’ (Year 8)
  • Added ‘Google and Algorithms’ (Year 9)

End products have changed for the following projects:

  • Stay Safe Online – Online guide using Snapguide
  • Visual Programming: Kodu – Screencast using Screenr
  • Your Digital World – Online presentation using

In Development

  • New creative projects
  • How to use an iPad to teach this curriculum

If you would like some help with creating your own resources or would like me to produce any educational publications, please visit



    1. I have one, 40min lesson a week in the year 7. In year 8 and 9 we have 6 lessons a term. Not a lot of time.

      It can be difficult to cover everything. In year 8, I now teach HTML5 and CSS3 instead of Kodu.

      1. What was the rationale behind the change? I think I would have a problem at the moment with teaching HTML5 because we use IE which I believe doesn’t support HTML5

      2. I just thought I had spend enough time on Kodu in year 7 and really wanted to teach some HTML5. In year 9 we are teaching Python and I wanted an intro to some textual coding.

        At the moment, I am using Have a serious look at it. Level 1 is free and has 7-8 hours of content.

        We use the newest version of IE and it works ok. Give it a go. 🙂

      3. Thanks, Matt. I believe we are upgrading to IE10 in the summer so HTML5 becomes possible. I’ll have a look at CodeAvengers. Good luck with the new job.

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