Assembly – Three useful web services for students (Assembly presentation included)

Smartphones and tablets

Several weeks ago I held an assembly for the schools seniors and decided to present three web services I thought would be useful to them. I knew I only had about seven or eight minutes as the head had some prizes to give out.  This is not a long time!

There are a lot of websites I could have chosen, so which did I choose?

I am well aware that many of you would disagree with these but, here we go:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs
  • Twitter

As well as these services I wanted to mention mobile devices. All these services are available on smartphones and tablets, and I wanted the students to use these devices for more than playing Smurf Village.

I have included my presentation in this post for you to look at. You may even choose to use it in an assembly you are planning.

This presentation was originally a PowerPoint but I have uploaded it to Google Docs so it has lost some of the formatting.