Easter Planning – Kodu Part 2 (possible learning objectives)


At the end of my 1st year lessons before Easter I gave them a quick glimpse of Kodu. My students instantly got very excited, it was very clear that they could not wait to start this project (a project that was yet to be written).

During one of these lessons, a student turned around to me and said this:

“Whats the point sir? I thought we were not allowed to play games at school?”

This is going to be my biggest hurdle. Students MUST understand why they are using Kodu and what they are learning. It isn’t simply about playing games or in fact making games.

Today my plan is simply to decide what the project learning objectives should be. So far I have the following:

  • To understand what visual programming is.
  • To understand why we are using Kodu
  • To learn how to use the Kodu programming environment
  • To develop problem solving skills.
  • To develop self-evaluation
  • To develop peer-evaluation

These learning objectives will be broken down further during individual lessons. Due to only having 6 or 7 lessons to deliver this I am a bit limited to how much depth I can go into. However, many students will develop skills independently during enrichment time and at home. Essentially, this is what I would like to happen.

Students should be working independently towards a single aim.