Peer assessment using comments on student blogs.


Before Easter my 1st years set up blogs on Edublogs and began blogging about how to stay safe online. I had no idea they would enjoy it as much as they did. Many of these students don’t enjoy writing that much but seemed to love blogging.

It was great fun and my students learnt a lot about not only creating and managing blogs, but how to use the internet and other technology appropriately.

Unfortunately, I was unable to come to the last lesson as I had to go to a meeting regarding the school website.

The day before the lesson I was thinking how I was going to set cover, I didn’t think that I would be able to explain the lesson using the usual cover template.

Instead, I quickly knocked up this video explaining what they would be learning and what skills they would need.  I completely understand I sounds like a bit of a joker, but I did my best with the time I had. Next time I think I will ensure I have I plan what I am going to say before I sit down to record the video.

Essentially, the lesson involved students assessing their friends work by writing comments on their posts. My students loved it and found the video incredibly useful. Enjoy (and dont laugh).

If you would like to watch it in HD please change the setting on the video (look for the cog).