Year 8 Class Presentations: 2013-2014 Computing Curriculum (Free Resources)

As I am sure you have seen, I have just published my Computing curriculum for 2013-2014 which you can download from here:

Mr Britland’s Computing Curriculum 2013-2014

Last week I posted all of the presentation for the Year 7 projects. These are for both students and teacher and include lots of useful resources.

This post contains the presentations for Year 8.

Feel free to download and use this curriculum. If you use this booklet, its projects or ideas and would like to make a donation for its continuing development, please use the link provided. I would like to keep giving this document away for free so any donation would be amazing. Please click to be redirected to my donation page.

1. How the Internet Works

2. Graphic Design: Magazine Covers

3. Visual Programming: Kodu Projects

4. The Web: HTML5 and CSS3



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