iPad Keyboard: Tutorial (Update)

Update: I have forgotten a few good ones that should have been included in the video:

  1. Double tap on Shift for Cap-Locks
  2. Double Tap on Space Bar for Full Stop
  3. Swipe up on Full Stop for Quotes
  4. Swipe up on Comma for Apostrophe


  1. great video tutorial – how did you go it? is it screen captured from the iPad emulator on a mac? I’ve been looking for an app whic does video screen capture but haven’t found one yet 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      I used Reflections App for my MacBook. That lets me mirror my iPad to my Mac.

      To capture the screen, I used ScreenFlow which is great.

      I wish there was an iPad App that captured the screen like this, but as far as I know there isnt one.


  2. Good Matt as always but you missed some classics such as caps lock, double tap on space bar for full stop and swiping up on comma and full stop for apostrophe’s and quotes.

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