Easter Planning – Kodu Part 4 (how will I teach it?)


Ok folks…almost finished now.

Before we get into how I plan to deliver the lessons, I always like to think what independent learning skills my students will need to use and develop.

At the beginning of project, I then make it clear to the students that they will need to be independent and tell the the skills they will require. Some of the skills are:

  • Resilience
  • Reflection
  • Questioning
  • Noticing
  • Using your imagination
  • Empathy and listening
  • Imitation
  • Logical thinking

Many students have some of these skills already, but often struggle to identify when they are using them. These are also skills that can be developed throughout this project.

So, how will I teach it? Well, for the majority of time the students will be teaching themselves.

I will do the following:

  • Show them the MS promotional video
  • Show students Kodu in action using a game I have created.
  • Explain the learning objectives and learning outcomes. These will be available to students on Edmodo, so they can be viewed at anytime.
  • Make it clear to students why we are using Kodu.
  • Make exemplar documentation available on Edmodo so that students know what sort of thing I expect.
  • Ensure students understand the assessment criteria.
  • Deliver basic programming skills (students can also use the in-game tutorials.
  • Explain how basic changes can be made in settings.
  • Make tutorial videos available. There are great videos on the Kodu website.
  • Make learning resources available. (PDF, PowerPoint, video, images)
  • Inspire students
  • Help develop ideas where necessary.
  • Supply self and peer evaluation templates.
  • Assess student work using Edmodo.

As mentioned in the previous post, the idea is for students to be taught basic skills. It is then up to them to learn the more advanced skills. They will be given the resources to do this, and it will require some trial and error as well as logical thinking and patience.

Now, I know a lot of teachers who specify what needs to be done in each lesson. This of course is fine, but, I struggle to do this. I much prefer having more freedom and I don’t specify what must be taught in each lesson. Just as long as the whole project is covered. This may mean more weekly planning, but it works better for me.

Over the next few days I shall produce some resources and share these in my final Kodu post.