Solar Walk iPad App – Quick Look (Video)

I have always been fascinated with the solar system and space. It may stem from me being a part-time geek and loving Star Wars when I was a kid.

On my iPad I have a few Apps that are pretty good. SkySafari, NASA HD and the Solar System ebook. However, I had not downloaded anything space related recently.

That was until yesterday. A colleague is going to be teaching astronomy next year and in the hope we buy some iPads I thought I would have a look at some Apps he could use in the classroom.

I came across Solar Walk and I have to say it is awesome. Defiantly a great looking, engaging, informative App for the classroom.

Because my current MacBook is a bit rubbish at the moment, I have used a video from the Gadget Show to give you an idea how amazing this App is. Luckily, I have just ordered a new MacBook Pro so my own video will follow soon.