My Journey into Hip Hop Pt 2 – Sampling

I am getting back into the swing of things now.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been digging in the crates and hunting out some samples.

I have founds loads of good stuff so started getting some tracks  together. Over about 10 days I have managed to  produce three tracks and a remix. I have tried hard to keep all three different styles and overall I am pleased with the result. Check out the music below and judge for yourself.

The Call of Darkness

The Call of Darkness (Remix)

Jazz Chaos

Orchestral Goon


My Journey into Hip Hop Pt 1 – My 1st Instrumentals

Back in the early noughties I was a member of a Hip Hop and Garage crew. I used to be a Hip Hop DJ and I enjoyed spending my time playing, what I considered to be the cream of Hip Hop. During that time I also produced a few tracks with some MC’s in the crew. It was great fun and we even had a track played on Radio 1 as part of their One Music feature.

Since then of course, much has changed but my love for Hip Hop has not. It has been part of my life for over 20 years and has helped me get through so pretty tough times.

Anyway…I have promised myself to get back into production so I recently picked up the ‘Maschine Grove Production Studio‘ which was recommenced to me by up and coming rapper Burgess and Hip Hop producer 3MANBeats.

There is a steep learning curve but I am trying to get on top of it in the precious time I have when not teaching or running Realise Learning.

So, below is my 1st attempt. It is rough and not 100% finished, but thought I would post them. There are two versions and they include an Eminem sample from the film 8 Mile, hence the name of my track – ‘The 8th Mile’.

For the best experience listen to with headphones, loud and with the bass turned up.