How to Evaluate iPad use in Education



(UPDATE: Read the final report and evaluation)

We are currently running an iPad trial at school and investigating their effectiveness for teaching and learning.

In order to fully understand the impact of these devices it is important to evaluate their use.

I created two evaluations. One for students to fill out once and one for teachers to fill out. These were created in Google Forms and a short cut was added to the iPad to make it easier for students to access.

It was important to me that the evaluations were short to encourage staff and students to fill them out.

Once the evaluation period is over, I will use the evaluations to help formulate a report.

The PDF evaluations are below:

Teacher Evaluation

Students Evaluation 

The great thing about Google Forms is that it is free, plus it gives you a great summary of results  with a selection of graphs.


(New Projects Part 7) Learning Blog

In September I intend to start a learning blog with my 1st years/year 7’s. If it is successful I intend to roll it our to all year groups.

Essentially I want students to have there own blog. Each week they will post an update. This update will be about what they have done that week, what they have learnt, an evaluation and any work they would like to post. They can also share their blog with their peers and get them to comments on their posts.

They would carry on doing this in ICT (or other subjects if they would like to get involved) throughout the lower school and upper school if they choose. Obviously technology will change over their time at school. Although, we can cross that bridge when we get to it and up date the learning blog when we need to.

Project: Learning Blog

Project Sheet (link)

Presentation (link)