Digital Textbooks

Classoos: The Digital Textbook Platform

Watch the video above to learn more.

Since I started our 1:2:1 iPad journey we have searching for digital textbook platform to provide digital books to our students and teachers.

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Classoos last year. After seeing the product we decided it was the platform we had been searching for. They have been able to provide an excellent solution that has enabled us to use one platform across the school.

Digital textbooks can have layers of information added to them by teachers or students. These layers can be text notes, web links or video. Each textbook can be customised to the needs of each teacher and students. If a teacher add a video to their book, they can choose to send it to their class so the students get the video added to the copy of the book on their iPad. These layers can also be shared with other teachers.

Classoos uses information from the schools MIS to populate classes saving a huge amount of time for teachers and the IT department. I use Firefly as our learning platform and Classoos has set up a single sign on to make logging in quick and easy. Time spent distributing and collecting books should be reduced and we know that we will have the most up-to-date books as the digital copies up date with out the need to buy new paper books.

Teachers also have the ability to upload their own resources to the platform. They appear to students like any other digital books and layers can be added in the same way.

Photocopying and printing costs schools a huge amount of money and the Classoos platform can help reduce that by distributing resources digitally.

Classoos Is an excellent solution for any school wanting to adopt a digital textbook platform.