Developing An Effective E-Safety Policy (Presentation Included)

This is one of the presentations I gave at the ‘How to Deliver an Effective Computing Curriculum’ day by Government Knowledge on 12th November.

Special thanks to Alan MacKenzie (@esafetyadviser). For more information head over to his website:



  1. good as always…

    not sure if I agree that teachers often know little more than the students! Kinda patronising Matt!

    And fancy leaving a spelling error in… ouch there / their

    anyway – don’t be put off by my comments

    I have found that despite lessons, and warnings about what they shouldn’t post – and how they ought to close down their profiles… the students still post with abandon – and set little privacy settings –

    What about social networking site not like Facebook – but instagram, and especially Twitter….

    1. Cheers…spelling mistake changed and should show up soon.

      Patronising or honest? It is not a blanket comment, it does not say every teacher. In my experience a lot of teachers will not use social media as much as the students, therefore will need training.

      I suppose this has been written based on my experience and whilst I know a lot of teachers on Twitter etc, we are the exception and not the rule.

      Thanks for you comment. 🙂

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