(Video Clip) E-Safety Presentation for Parents – Part 1: Online Gaming

This is a clip from a presentation that myself and a colleague gave to parents earlier this month. The purpose of the presentation, was to give parents an idea of what some children were doing online/how they were using technology. The presentation we used can can be found here.

The talk was 2h hours long and I will post a few clips over the next month or so.

This particular clip if from the short section on ‘Online Gaming’.



  1. Matt – some excellent points made here
    Certainly got me thinking that I ought to offer a similar evening to my parents at school… maybe 2 hours flew by for you at KGS – might consider something a bit shorter 😛

    I think that whilst the Gaming video clip would have been 1. shocking 2. impressive for the parents, maybe you could also have looked at stuff that doesn’t have the same immediate impact – but can be just as addictive, and involves considerable interaction with friends & strangers…. I’m thinking of any number of games available through just FaceBook alone – Texas HoldEm Poker, CityVille, FarmVille, Mafia Wars…. some of these very constructive and all about building – but of course to really make progress you need to widen your circle of friends – well beyond the immediate ones you may already have.

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