IMPORTANT UPDATE (New Projects Part 8) Office Documents and the Cloud – 1st Year/Year 7



(To use Google Docs you must be 13 or over. This project is only suitable for schools using Google Apps for Education. If you would like to use this project you could run it in Year 9/3rd Year)

Last year I did an assembly on DropBox and Google Docs and realised how little the upper school new about the Cloud. I decided that I need to create a project on the cloud and specifically office documents.

While this project focuses more on Google Docs I will cover other cloud services. Especially services that allow students to easily back up their school work.

Project: Office Documents and the Cloud

Project Sheet (link)

Presentation (link)



  1. Really like the idea behind this but have doctored the task for my students – trying to move away from the death by screenshot tasks, so have changed the PDF guide, to interactive presentation. Each student will make short video screencasts on how to complete the various tasks, making folders etc, and embed these within a presentation.

      1. There are a few free screencasting tools which you can use such as Jing (although you can’t export from there), but the best of all is called Screenr ( which would be perfect (if your network/setup allows it).

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