Plan for Year 7/1st Year ICT – Sept 2012-2013

Every year since I started teaching I have re-written schemes of work. It is not that they were not good enough when I first wrote them (although I am sure some were not up to scratch) its just that ICT moves so quickly.

Next year I have some great ideas how to mix up the curriculum and take into account the current trends in digital education.

I will be taking some of what I have been doing this year and expanding on it.

This blog post will not be massively detailed, but will include some brief notes on what I intend to teach year 7/1st years come September.

Autumn Term

During the Spring term this year my 1st years created blogs using Edublogs to blog about how young people can stay safe online. This worked out brilliantly and the students loved it, even those who do not enjoy English. Not only did it teach students how to safe safe online but it could also be used by other to learn from.

This year I am going to get my students to create a learning blog during the first few weeks. The plan is that they will update this every lesson and document what they have learnt, rather than just using it for the stay safe online project. They can then take this blog with them throughout their time in KS3 and even KS4/5 if they choose. Hopefully, after a few weeks adding a blog entry will become second nature and they will not need reminding.

1st Half Term

  • Setting up student blogs
  • Searching the internet

This will be ran by at the beginning of term and will be delivered by the new learning resource manager/librarian. It will also teach students  how to use the library system.

Office Applications/Cloud office applications (Google docs)

I know many believe that all student know how to use office applications from birth, unfortunately they dont. There is a difference between being proficient and stumbling through the application. In order to make sure students know how to be productive users of office applications I will spend several weeks going through these applications.

As well as the usual MS Office application, students will also sign up to the Google Docs application. I want my students to be aware that there are other alternatives as well as teaching them about cloud computing. Why use the cloud? What are the pros and cons etc. Students can then decide which tools they use themselves.

Second Half term

  • Continue with the office Applications/Cloud office applications

For a few weeks after half term we will continue with this project.

  • The Digital World and how to stay safe

I have not quite decided what form this will take. Last year we used a blog to document what we had learnt. As we will be adding blog entries every lesson I would like to do something different. Perhaps an e-book? I want to do something exciting, engaging and immersive. I may use iPads to get the students to work in groups and create a video in iMovie. We can then put the video on our school website.

Essentially, in this projects students will learn about social networks. What they are, pros and cons and how to stay safe using them. We will also cover all other aspects of staying safe in a digital world. The thinkuknow website is a great resource. I would also advise everyone to go on the CEOP training courses, they are brilliant.

Spring Term

  • Game Design using Kodu

Kodu has been such a success this year that I am going to stick with the same format. This time I am going to buy 28 XBox controllers and turn my classroom into a games studio. It’s going to be awesome.

I will also go more in-depth into how real video games are design/created and talk about Unreal Engine and CryENGINE.

In the future I would also like to start to use UDK (Unreal Development Kit), just need to find time to learn how to use it.

Kodu Scheme of Work

Kodu Video Tutorials

Summer Term

I did App design with my 1st years this year. However, this was coming up with ideas for Apps and then designing them and creating screen mock ups using Adobe Fireworks. It was great and the students loved it and learnt a lot about Apps, smartphones and tablets. This year I want to take it to the next level and use App Inventor.

I have looked at this before, but did not get around to learning how to use it for one reason or another. During this term I went to an old colleagues house (@alecwaters) and he showed me it in action and I was suitably impressed. My kids are going to love it. I still intend to do all the planning and mock ups but this time actually create the App.

What I have to do

  • Write new schemes of work/learning
  • Buy Xbox controllers (I have one)
  • Buy some cheap Android handsets

Once I have written my new schemes of work I shall post it on my blog.

I hope you like what I have lined up for my students next year. If you have any questions let me know.



  1. Hi Matt,

    I’m looking at AppInventor too for my Y9s as a development from Scratch. The block editor looks like a nice progression and I’ve got some ideas about research and planning that could see it develop into a full #digitalstudies project. I’m up for collaborating if you fancy?

    1. Hi Andy,

      I would love to. At present I am quite a long way off from writing anything concrete.

      My intention is too deliver it (fingers crossed) in June next year. If your still working on something at the beginning of 2013 I would be more than happy to contribute.

      Still in the middle of getting my head around it and it has not been fully tested on our network yet.

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