(New Projects Part 1) Your Digital World: 3rd Year/Year 9 – Resources Included

Over the last few weeks I have been working on 11 new projects for ICT. All projects are either brand new or streamlined/improved versions of projects I ran last year.

Some are still being developed, and each project is still technically work in progress. I tend to develop projects over time and make changes when necessary.

I also do not plan lesson by lesson, for me this restricts freedom. The projects last for several weeks, what you do each lesson will depend on which class you teach or what is happening at school in a particular week.

The projects I will post first are 3rd year/year 9 projects. I have 3 projects which are taught over roughly 18 lessons throughout the year.

Each project has a project sheet including learning objectives, outcomes and tasks. It also comes with a presentation that is more appropriate for being shown in class as it is student friendly and includes extra resources.

(Work in Progress)

Project 1: Your Digital World

Project Sheet (link):

Presentation (link):



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